Christmas Calendar 2020


Available at The Giving Tree

Nov 15 ~ Potter’s House Kids Tags                  

                           Mylee’s Missions Grocery Bags                 

          Celebrate Recovery Envelopes


 Donation/Gift Due Dates

              Nov 29 ~ Mylee’s Missions Grocery Bags                  

   Potter’s House Kids Gifts

Dec 14 ~ Celebrate Recovery Envelopes  

 Christmas Events & Sunday Evening

Nov 29 ~Advent Begins

Dec 5 ~   Mylee’s Missions Event

Dec 13 ~ Faith Kids Christmas Program 6pm

Dec 20 ~Uprising Christmas Program 6pm

Dec 22 ~ Celebrate Recovery Christmas Dinner

Dec 27 ~ Uprising Youth Lock In

Mylee’s Missions serves the families of the greater Portsmouth area with Christmas gifts, food, warm coats, and other items. This year you can take a grocery bag and fill it with the list of food items provided. It is a simple and inexpensive way to make a huge impact in the lives of many families this Holiday Season. Visit the Giving Tree to register and get a bag to fill and return it by Nov 29th! If you would like to serve at the event Dec 5th, please fill out a Connect Card on the Church App.  

The Potter’s Kids are children in our area in Foster Care. This year, you will get to shop and provide a little Christmas JOY for a child who has been separated from their family over the Holiday Season. This is our large Christmas Outreach this year so, please help these kids find hope during this time. Visit the Giving Tree to pick up and register a child’s gift tag. Gifts are due back Nov 29th.  

This year, as we prepare to launch Celebrate Recovery in January, we are reaching out to the community and just simply loving on them. Monthly, we bring opportunities to connect with the community through meals and conversation, gaining understanding of their individual needs. You can pick up an envelope from the Giving Tree and return it by Dec 14th. Each envelope has a suggested amount to give, however, you are free to give any amount you feel lead to give. This donation will assist with the Christmas Dinner coming up Dec 22nd, as well as helping with any needs within the community.  

Adopting our Own is all about taking care of needs right here in our Church Family! If you or someone you know who attends Cornerstone is in need this Christmas, please contact the church office! We believe it is important to surround our family members during what could be a difficult time in their lives!

Debt Free 20/20 Giving helps us do everything we can for our church family, for our community, and for His Kingdom! Help us reach our goal of being Debt Free this Holiday Season!