Join us as we seek a miracle from god to be DEBT FREE by 2020!

Exodus 35 and 36 shows us that there are times when we, as the people of God, go above our normal tithes and offerings in order to honor the Lord. We also see what happens in Exodus 36:6-7 when Moses had to stop people from giving because they had more than enough! Please pray about what God would have you do to help us reach our goal of being debt free by 2020. 

Everyone who considers Cornerstone Nazarene their church is encouraged to pray and commit to being part of our Debt Free by 2020 Campaign. Our goal is 1,000 Units pledged for 2 years to pay off our debt. 

One unit is $5 a week ($22 a month) above your normal giving. Some can do one unit, and some can do many more. You can also make a one time donation of any amount. 

Be a part of the solution!

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