This is more than Missions!

It's the Kingdom of Heaven coming to Earth.

People just like you are learning and experiencing firsthand how to listen to the voice of God, serve others in high-need ministry contexts, and make a real, tangible difference in the lives of others.

It all happens through short term mission trips . 

Families, individuals, and students are feeding the hungry, seeing the sick healed, and experiencing spiritual freedom. They're coming home with clarity and direction on not only who God is calling them to be, but what direction their lives should take. You can be next.

Cornerstone church exists to serve the purpose of God for this generation. We believe that there are five purposes of the church:
Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Missions
We believe the mission of the church is to make disciples (see Matthew 28:18-20).   Making disciples means that we must “go” and evangelize those who do not yet know Christ.  Making disciples means that we must “baptize” or connect people to the local church through identifying them with Jesus Christ.  Making disciples means we must “teach” those who know Christ to follow and obey him.   
                      Thus, our missions ministry exists to make disciples of all nations (beginning locally and extending globally) by evangelizing, 
baptizing (connecting believers to a local church) and teaching them to follow Christ.

We have a mission trip planned for Costa Rica this Summer! If you would like more information, fill out a Connect Card and the office will Contact you!