What is Serve Day?

Saturday July 10th. We want the body of Christ to come together to really love on our community. Churches from all over will join us this day with a variety of projects throughout our county. We will be meeting here that Saturday morning for prayer in the Cornerstone Naz church parking lot at 8:30am There is no set time but generally we serve from 9-noon but that may depend on the project your team decides to do.

If you would like one of the classic red serve day shirts you can get at Mary's Spirit Shop or use the one you have from the past.

We are looking for project leaders if you are interested, please see Shelly Cooper, or fill out a Connect Card.

- Objective as group leader: assist in the creation of serve project, assist in getting any materials needed, communicate to Shelly what/where you project will be and the number of people who participated

- Once we have established our team leaders and projects we will ask you to sign up under one of these groups

- There is NO limit to how many serve day projects there are

- If COVID is still a concern you are encouraged to do a project with your close friends/family.

- Potential Serve Day projects

o Adopting an nursing home and writing letters/cards to the residents

o Food bomb a hospital and take a meal or snacks to the nurses

o Identify a home maintenance need for an elderly in your community (fix porch, paint, light maintenance)

o Clean up local park/public common area

o Adopt a road/neighborhood for cleaning

o Host kids carnival

o Care packages for the homeless population

o Clean up landscaping for a local non profit

o Host a free car wash

o Volunteer at local pet shelter, walk dogs, clean litter box etc

o Host a cook out in your neighborhood

o Make back to school packages for the teachers in your school district

o Laundry Love Day – pay for the family coming in to wash their laundry

o Clean up trash at river

o Volunteer at a local non profit

o Pick up trash in forest

o Gather donations for homeless shelter

o Volunteer to baby sit while others do a project

o Plant trees/flowers

o Bake sale to raise money for good cause (a non church project)

We hope to see everyone involved this year! Covid has taken enough from us! Time to get back to doing everything we love to do!

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