Wheelersburg Christmas Kids ~ We have nearly 35 local Wheelersburg children that we are helping this year at Christmas! We are providing their gifts to ease up the financial pressure on their parents. You can go to The Giving Tree at the church to select a child, or even a family to help this year. We ask that your gifts be returned to the church unwrapped by Novemner 26th. 

Mylee's Missions ~ "MM" is an amazing organization that takes care of our greater Portsmouth area, and Christmas is no exception! At Christmas they help families with gifts and meals, but also present the gospel thru testimony and just good 'ol fashioned genuine love.
This year we will help with grocery bag meals. Each bag costs less than $20 and our goal is 300 bags.
December 2nd beginning at 8am in Portsmouth is the event date where the families come and enjoy this time of Christmas. Please fill out a Connect Card to let us know that you would like to help in some capacity. Many hands are needed for this awesome ministry!

The Potter's Kids ~ Cornerstone Naz is supporting 100 Foster Children through The Potter's House this Christmas.  It's an easy way to make a huge impact in the life of a child. You can visit The Giving Tree to pick up your Child's Card. These unwrapped gifts are due back November 26th.


Will you help a Foster Child? By donating only $4 per backpack, you can help a Foster Child transition between homes.  Did you know that, often times, a child is transitioned with either nothing at all, or whatever belongings they DO have are moved in a trash bag?

No child deserves that.  

Each child deserves to have something that belongs to them and maintain a level of dignity and respect. Please choose an envelope from the Giving Tree and help a Foster Child today!

Christmas Benevolence ~ Christmas is a great time to donate to Cornerstone's Benevolence Fund. This fund helps Cornerstone families year 'round when crisis hits home. An illness, job loss, or any kind of devastation can bring financial strain to a family. Cornerstone can help through the Benevolence Fund. Please visit The Giving Tree to pick up a Donation Envelope. You can bring your donation back any time throughout the Christmas Season.

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